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SafeGard provides all your travel vaccination and medication needs through associated pharmacies. Choose your Pharmacy today. SafeGard specifically seeks to provide a convenient and affordable option for travelers to obtain professional recommendations for their travel needs. Initially a traveler will need to fill out an online travel form which is then evaluated by a team of travel medicine trained physicians, nurses and pharmacists. The resulting recommendations then allow the traveler to obtain the necessary travel vaccinations and medications from one of our associated pharmacies.


All travelers should be current on all routine vaccinations. These typically include MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), DPT (diptheria, pertussis and especially tetanus), polio, chickenpox and influenza. Other routine vaccinations may be age specific. Additionally, specific vaccines may be recommended to travelers based upon their medical history, shot record and destination(s). The following vaccines may have special relevance to the traveler.
Typhoid |  Yellow Fever |  Japanese Encephalitis |  Cholera |  Hepatitis |  Meningitis |  Polio |  Rabies


There are also some specific medications that may be recommended to travelers based upon their previous medical history and their destination(s). The following conditions may require special consideration.
Malaria |  Travelers’ Diarrhea |  Altitude Sickness

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