Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question or need some help? Here you'll find answers to common questions you might have. If you don't find your answer here, you can contact us Contact and we will get you on your way.

Where do I login?

Start at the GET STARTED page and select the pharmacy. Then enter your email address to login.

What if my email address is wrong?

If your email address is incorrect on your order please contact us at support@sgtravelmed.com for assitance.

How To Videos

Please visit the SafeGard Travel Medicine channel for helpful information.

Travelers traveling together. I have more than one traveler. How do I enter more than one travel form?

Travelers traveling together can use the same registration as long as you have purchased enough vouchers(Costco Only). Once the primary travel form is filled out, the other travel forms will need to be completed with the personal information, health history, and immunization record. When you get to the destination page, it will ask if you want to copy a destination from a previous travel form, you can then select the primary travel form and the destination information will be auto-filled.

What is the value of doing this?

This service protects both you and the pharmacist from possible inaccurate or incomplete recommendations. It saves you a visit to a clinic because it is all accomplished online. You will receive a professional evaluation by a travel medicine specialist. Accurate and thorough recommendations will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice so that you can make a single appointment to receive all of the vaccines and medicines for your trip.

What if I don't have my shot record?

We provide some suggestions as to where you might obtain the information. Additionally we allow you to select 'Uncertain' as to whether or not you received a shot and 'Don't Know' if you do not have the date of a shot you know that you received.

How long will this take?

The form may take anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending upon the the complexity of your medical history, the length of your itinerary and your familiarity with completing online forms.

How much do the meds/shots cost?

This is proprietary information specific to each location. Please contact the location where you will be getting your meds/shots for all pricing.

What is included in the Travel Report?

The Travel Report will provide you with our physicians recommendations for travel medications and vaccinations. You will also receive handouts relevant to your specific travel needs and itinerary along with standard vaccine information sheets.

How soon will I receive my recommendations and report?

You will generally receive your recommendations and report within one to two working days. You will receive an email notifying you that the store has been notified. They should call you within a day or two. If you do not hear from them or simply wish to expedite the process, you may call them for an appointment.