SafeGard Travel Medicine is designed to be an online option for providing you with medical recommendations for your travel needs. If you have significant health issues that need careful review, you are best served by seeing a healthcare provider directly. However, we do want to provide travelers who use our services with some means of addressing various questions and concerns.

  • Pharmacy questions about the cost of vaccines and medicines or insurance payment: Call the pharmacy you will be selecting to provide you with your services. See pharmacy for hours.

  • Medical questions specifically related to your health/travel concerns. Call our Travel Nurse: (800) 792-5972, x1, M-F (excluding national holidays) 8AM-4PM, Pacific Time.

  • Website issues or issues related to a travel form. Call our tech/admin support: (800) 792-5972, x2, M-F (excluding national holidays) 7AM-5PM, Pacific Time.

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